We are inviting you


It has been a long CIPC tradition to have the European (slow) Pipe Smoking Championship organized by one of their member countries every four years.
The last time pipesmokers met for such an occasion was in 2012 when the beautiful city of Seville hosted the event.
Now, four years later, European pipesmokers and their families & friends can get ready for a visit to the won
derful, historic city of NITRA.
As president of the CIPC I am happy to invite you all to the “city on the seven hills” in Slovakia, some 84 km north-east of the capital Bratislava. NITRA has excellent bus connections with Bratislava and is easily reached by car. The city itself has, besides good hotels, every possibility you can imagine to spend a marvellous weekend there.

On behalf of the NITRA Pipe Club and their members I would like to invite you all! Come on October 14th to NITRA and have a great weekend culminating in the European Championship (slow) Pipe Smoking on Sunday October 16th 2016 and enjoy your pipe!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA.
President of the CIPC


Dear friends of beautiful pipes,

I would like to personally welcome you to our beautiful Slovakia. Our country has a rich history in manufacturing pipes and in tobacco growing. For more than a century, the clay pipes Karol Zachar of Banska Stiavnica were exported worldwide including the US and India. One shipment of pipes from this workshop ended at the bottom of the ocean with the Titanic.
In the 19th century, the production of clay pipes spread to other Slovak towns, including the historic city of Nitra.
Tobacco growing and processing  was already under the reign of Maria Theresa and it spread to southern Slovakia and especially in the area of ​​Nitra. Also in the nearby city of Levice there was a great race on fermentation and processing of tobacco.
It is interesting to note that since the end of the last century cigars were produced in Smolník. Production there began in 1872 and it included a production of handmade cigars.
Pipe tobacco was
manufactured in Banska Stiavnica since 1970. Unfortunately monopolization in tobacco industry led to the sale of the tobacco factories. They finally closed down in 2008, because of a new multinational monopoly.

But the tradition lived on in pipe clubs, and one of the most active ones  is a PC Nitra.

I believe that all participants will leave extremely satisfied and delighted from our beautiful Slovakia.

Dr. Josef Stanislav

Member of the CIPC