Tour the Exhibition: “Smoking Pipes and the World”

In the Nitra Museum at, Štefánikova Avenue 1, there is a traveling exhibition of pipes and smoking articles from the collection of the Museum of the Highlands in Trebic.

The exhibition presents the history of tobacco since its discovery by American Indians to pipe tobacco smoking in Men’s Clubs, but especially the development of the actual pipe, which over the centuries has changed its appearance in terms of shape and the material used to craft products, to the artistic work with high collector value. Also presented are an extensive collection of clay pipes and pipes made of porcelain with a variety of, hand-painted pipes; pipes of sea foam; and pipes of wood, that has been, and is still, the most common materials used to produce them. It is interesting and has a smoking corner with Sherlock Holmes, where visitors can take a photograph of Sherlock costumed with his typical Calabash pipe.

IMG_8948 IMG_8951