Tour the Exhibition: “The Story of Pipes”

The exhibition in the Museum at Nitra located at Štefánikova tr. 1, in Nitra presents an exhibit of pipes and smoking articles from the collections of Pipe Club Nitra members. The name of the exhibition, “The Story of Pipe’s” refers to the sorting pipes by creating exhibits from different times and from different materials. Thus, the exhibition shows the progression from old clay pipe’s, English and Dutch type clay pipe bowls produced in Slovakia, three-part wooden and porcelain smoking pipes, pipe bowls exquisitely carved from wood and meerschaum, pipes from different continents, and pipes of the current period. The exhibition is fleshed out with smoking materials such as old matches, boxes and vesicles of tobacco, pipe racks, cigar’s, cigar cutter’s, and many other interesting items.

IMG_9236 IMG_9238