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Október 2016

Last preparation.

September 2016


Jún 2016

Prototype and real contest pipe “Pipe Studio Stanislaw” na ECP Nitra 2016, Design Shape: Jan Pipes, Typ: Wankel

December 2015

Dr. Josef Stanislav, member of the CIPC for the Slovak Republic, arrived on December 10th at a working meeting with members of the Pipe Club Nitra to be informed on the preparations for the European Championship in slow pipe smoking.

October 2015

World Championships in groups slow pipe smoking, Monastier di Treviso, Italy. In addition to participation in the competition, where our representative Maroš Stražanec achieved the time of 1:42:45 . From among 308 contestants he was ranked 52nd in a beautiful spot, Slovakia took the official baton to organize next year’s top global competition in slow pipe smoking .

September 2015

PipeClub Nitra organizes an annual international competition in slow pipe smoking Grand Prix Slovakia. The president of the CIPC Mr. Cornelius Crans paid a visit to the competition and took part in it.. The club also took the opportunity to share the info about the preparations to host the European Championship in 2016, Nitra inspection from land and from the air and the competition venue, attended the Grand Prix Slovakia 2015 as a contestant.

October 2014

October 2013

At the meeting of CIPC in 2013, during the proceedings of the World Cup teams pipe clubs in Poznan, Slovakia get mandate to organize the European Championship in slow pipe smoking in 2016. Based on the excellent results in organizing international competitions Grand Prix Slovakia, by organizing the most important European Championship in 2016 was commissioned pipe Club Nitra.