Pubs to enjoy your pipe

Slovakia is the “smoker’s heaven”, where you can still, in some restaurants and pubs, enjoy your pipe.

In Nitra there are several notable pubs, where you can enjoy your pipe or a cigar while enjoying the atmosphere and uniqueness of each establishment. Members of the Pipe Club Nitra have often visited these places for the purpose of club meetings and therefore we can recommend you visit it during your stay in Nitra


Sahara Cafe, Shisha & Cigar Lounge

Palárikova 1 (2. floor), Nitra



Stylishly furnished in modern chic oriental design , this is an exclusive café with the possibility to smoke  the water pipe (Shisha), cigar or a pipe. You will find here excellent teas from around the world, coffees, nonalcoholic drinks, and various goodies. The individually air-conditioned rooms offer excellent conditions for enjoying  a cigar or a pipe. Coffee shop owner Mustafa, a member of Nitra Pipe Club as well, welcomes you personally.

Restaurant & Pizzeria Karla

Wilsonovo nábrežie 88, Nitra

Restaurant and pizzeria Carla located near the historic center of Nitra and shopping mall “MLYNY” offers comfortable seating in a pleasant environment with quality meals Slovak and international cuisine. In a separate smoking area, there are regular club meetings Pipe Club Nitra.

The Irish Times Pub

Kupecká č. 12, Nitra

Irish pub in the pedestrian zone in the center of Nitra. First-class quality of drinks and cigars, excellent cuisine. Stylishly furnished and richly textured and rugged interior. The unique atmosphere of the pub and the regular ‘irregular’ evenings and night live concerts mainly non-electrified acoustic music.

Pivovar TROGÁR – U Vlka

Svätoplukova 13, Nitra

Small private Trogar brewery was opened in October 2013 in Nitra in the oldest private family pub “U Vlka”. In addition to excellent beer brewed from raw materials (brewing water, malt, hops and brewer’s yeast) without the addition of preservatives and additives, you can enjoy a variety of dishes and appetizers. Individually separated and ventilated room is the perfect place to sit with a pipe or cigar.

Hotel Zlatý Klucik – cigar cognac club

Svätourbanská 27, Nitra

Stylishly furnished cigar – cognac club will fascinate you with a unique atmosphere, luxurious cognacs of delicious and exciting flavors of exotic cigars. Give you privacy and quality of service you expect.

PUB Černá Hora

Štefánikova trieda 54/18, Nitra
Favorite Pub in the center of Nitra which invites you to a great beer and quality coffee in a pleasant atmosphere. There is a large terrace and interior space is divided into smoking and non-smoking section.