Pipe Club Nitra

Pipe club Nitra was founded in the third year of the third millennium, in 2003. The club is a member of the of Slovak pipe clubs Association  whose president is Dr. Josef Stanislav. The main goal of the club is to join people with similar life philosophy, confession culture of smoking pipes and collective activity. To date, the club has 49 active members. The club has a broad scope, and for the last several years it has established s a tradition of public meetings on the first Thursday of each month. A lot of members of the club are  organizing regular competitions in the slow smoking pipe. The most important of these is the international competition “Grand Prix Slovakia” in Nitra under the supervision of a member of CIPC Dr. Josef Stanislav, and the “Zacharova fajka” in Banská Štiavnica in honor of a major producer of clay pipes Karol Zachar. The club also organizes its own club league and is trying to establish a tradition of Slovak national league in slow pipe smoking. On the competitions organized by the pipe  club we use our own registration software with timekeeping, approved by the President of the Slovak pipe Association. The software is able to evaluate individual competitors and teams within minutes, including automatic printing of diplomas. The club has friendly relations with traceable pipe clubs in neighboring countries, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria, which participates in the national competitions in the slow smoking pipe.

The club members are involved in various social and cultural events in Slovakia, where they present the culture of smoking pipes. The premises of Slovak museum organizes exhibitions of pipes from its own collections. In cooperation with the Tekov Museum in Levice the club organizes international conferences with pipe topics that are regularly attended by members of AIP – International pipe Academy  Dr. Anna Ridovics and Dr. Josef Stanislav and in collaboration with the Archaeological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Nitra has established tradition of thematic workshops where collated information on archaeological finds of clay pipes in Slovakia. All these activities are aimed at professional publishing activities, the creation of literature and scientific publications. One of the major goals of the club is to establish a digital catalog of the National Register of clay pipes Slovak manufacturers and archaeological finds of pipes in Slovakia.